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Akeneo & Bynder connector : How to connect

Let’s see how to connect Bynder and Akeneo.

Bynder Permanent Token

Akeneo Credentials

If you are on an older version than Akeneo SaaS or Akeneo PaaS <= V6.0. you must configure manually the connection.

In that case, you must define a connection in your PIM and copy the values in the connector.

The mandatory information are :

  • The URL
  • The code and secret
  • The user and password
  "akeneo_connection": {
    "url": "",
    "clientId": "The Client ID",
    "secret": "The Secret",
    "username": "The Username",
    "password": "The Password"

To allow many user to access to the connector and to prevent any security breach, you can use secured variables :

  "akeneo_connection": {
    "url": "",
    "clientId": "%AKENEO_CLIENT_ID%",
    "secret": "%AKENEO_SECRET%",
    "username": "%AKENEO_USER%",
    "password": "%AKENEO_PWD%"

You just need to add the value at the bottom of the page of configuration :

Akeneo App

A simpler way to give access to product data is to use the “Akeneo App from Bynder” developed by Dataggo.

With a few clicks the user can authorize Dataggo to use and modify the PIM data without the need for credentials.

Requirements: Akeneo SaaS or Akeneo PaaS >= V6.0.

Create the connection

To create the connection :

  • Open your PIM
  • Go into the “Connect” menu.
  • Choose “App Store”
  • Select the App designed for Bynder :
  • Click on Connect. This will redirect to the Dataggo connect platform.
  • Login to your Dataggo account and click on Authorize.
  • Follow the authorization process on Akeneo and you will be redirected to this page.

Configure the connector

The configuration to use the app access is easy. In parameter akeneo_connection, set the PIM url and the setting app to true.


  "akeneo_connection": {
    "url": "",
    "app": true