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Quickstart – Tutorial

What is the Bee platform ?

Bee is a SaaS platform that provides tools to accelerate content creation. Thanks to its API connectivity to Akeneo and its OpenAI-based engine, it is possible to translate, enrich and mass-produce contents for products in a few steps.

Free up your teams’ time by preparing the content work. A simple moderation before publication on your sales channels.

Use Bee Platform as a partner in thought to get started.

Give yourself the freedom to focus on the content of your high-value products and let Bee help you generate quality content for 80% of your catalog. Accelerate your time-to-market with quality descriptions and advanced content based on your own attributes. Don’t create any more content, moderate it instead !

How to get started on Bee Platform

From the Akeneo App Store, search for the ChatGPT Bee App and click on the “Connect” button

How to create an API token on Open AI

To create an API token on Open AI, you need to log into your OpenAI account (or create a new account) and go to the “Tokens” tab. Click on “Create a new token” and follow the instructions to name and configure it to your needs. You can then use this token to access the Open AI API from the Bee platform.

To integrate this token in Bee, connect to the platform and go to the bottom left and then “My organization”. Integrate your token in the “OpenAI API key” field and you’re done! You can now use the Bee platform with your OpenAI account.


Boost your enrichment

Need to speed up your content enrichment? Enrich your product descriptions en masse via efficient prompts based on your PIM features and OpenAI’s ChatGPT tool.

Translate your content

Efficiently localize your text values using the Open AI engine to accelerate your international development. Select your content in your native language and let the engine work according to the parameters you provide.

Rewrite your content

You inherit a content from a supplier or another entity, decline it in a few seconds to differentiate yourself on the engines

Limitations :

  • Only type values or text fields can be filled in on products or product templates
  • Only the AI of openAI (ChatGPT) is available
  • It is not possible to use assets or entity references for the moment
  • A contract with openAI is required on the client side

Performance :

  • The application is able to fill between 50 and 100 values per minute (depending on the size of the values and the response time of openAI)