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Solution provider for PXM

Dataggo was born out of frustration. On each digital project done by the team, we had always the same needs : connect efficiently and quickly 2 SaaS platform between them. So we decided to create Dataggo to help agencies and companies in this effort.

We are convinced that the employee must be at the center of a successful product experience. To achieve this, it is urgent to free up time to optimize their energy and added value.

The automation of exchanges and the generation of content are 2 vectors on which our solutions allow to work on these “actions”.

Our solutions

Bee Platform

Efficiently enrich your data in Akeneo thanks to the OpenAI technology

Akeneo x Bynder connector

Automatically link your assets in Bynder with your products in Akeneo

Shopify x Bynder

Feed your ecommerce on Shopify with the assets present in Bynder

Dataggo : Your benefits

A team with a large technical and functional experience of the market solutions combined with a platform thought to configure new instances in few minutes will help you to connect your SaaS application together.

And we want to build new connectors. So all new needs will be analyzed, don’t hesitate to ask for a demo or to give your needs.