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Connect Platform

All our connectors can be configured in the Connect Platform.

As it’s the main place for all the configurations, we want it easy to use with really fast time of response.


We have 2 distinct environments:

  • One for the qualification
  • One for the production

No data are shared between the environments, so if you create a user on one, this user will not have access to the other until you create the account on the second one.


To connect, you will need a username and a password.

The password must be :

  • minimum 8 characters
  • minimum 1 uppercase letter
  • minimum 1 lowercase letter
  • minimum 1 symbol
  • minimum 1 number

To initialise your password, you must use the “forgotten password” feature.

Web interface

In the interface, you can access to :

  • Dashboard : where you can see the running jobs, the last errors, and the last success,
  • Execution Tracker : the list of all executions (you can use filters to find a specific execution),
  • Job instances : the configuration of your jobs,
  • Configuration : for the admin only, you can add or remove users