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Akeneo to Bynder mapping

The Akeneo to Bynder mapping is used to send some product information from Akeneo to Bynder.

It will look at the products linked to assets and will send the desired attributes to Bynder. Thanks to this feature you will have filters more accurate and easily enriched.

Akeneo to Bynder mapping

You can create as many mapping as you want. If you put many mapping for a same destination, the last executed one will replace the previous ones.

In the following example, we will get the “brand” from the Akeneo products and send them to Bynder. As it’s possible to have many different brands in a same asset, we put “Multiple Values” to Yes and we put a separator. The value is sent to the “Product-Brand” meta-property from Bynder.

In the next example, we get the name of the product and we send it to Bynder to enrich the name.

As a label can be different for each locale and channel we must specify the locale (en_US here) and the channel (ecommerce) as Bynder doesn’t manage multiple locales and multiple channels in the meta-properties.

All the meta-properties can be used as filter in Bynder. To see the advantages of the filters in Bynder, we recommend to take a look at the following article :