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Bind assets to products in Akeneo

To have the assets in Akeneo is a 1st great step, but if the assets can be automatically associated to the products, it can help you to save precious time.In the connector, to bind assets to products is really easy.

You will see that it’s possible to configure many binding rules and many rules can be applied to a same Akeneo asset family.

This is possible by using the Akeneo native “Product Link Rules”, but with Akeneo you will have less possibilities. (No multi products binding for example).

See here for the “Product Link Rules

Main properties

Bind assets to products

In a binding rule, you can apply some fixed parameters or dynamic parameters.

The text between {{ }} means that is a dynamic parameter. If you want to put a static parameter, remove the {{ }}.

In this example,

  • For the asset_family “dataggodemo”
  • we use the dynamic attribute “{{sku}}” as identifier (this is an attribute from the asset family)
  • We will split the attribute with the separator comma “,”
  • And we will try to link the asset in the Akeneo product attribute named “dataggo_images”
  • And we use the value of “{{order}}” to know the correct order of the assets in the PIM

Specific parameters

In some cases, an asset is deleted from Bynder. In that cases, you can choose to automatically delete the asset in Akeneo or to keep them.

To remove, you just have to put “Yes” to the option “Remove assets from products”.

Another great feature allows you to add an asset only if no other asset is already associated to the product. If you want to do that, you can put “Yes” to the “Fill only if empty”.

Advanced settings

Some specific configurations require some specific parameters. These parameters can be used to apply the binding to only filtered products or to assign a specific value to a product.

As these parameters can have a huge impact on the performances, please contact us before creating or modifying these parameters.