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Stay in touch with our regular developments for our connectors.

You can also look at the release note for the platform dedicated to AI integration : Bee

November 29, 2023

It's true that the new release has taken a while to arrive. In fact, it has taken some time, because the user interface has been completely rethought and modified so that all users, even those with no technical knowledge, can easily make changes to their settings.

Akeneo x Bynder connector : new user interface
August 14, 2023

Thanks to the new Shopify feature, it's now possible to update image files instead of duplicating.

Bynder x Shopify connector : update images
July 4, 2023

2 new operators can be used in to filter assets when you want to import them from Bynder to Akeneo : "CONTAINS" and "DOES_NOT_CONTAIN"

Akeneo x Bynder connector : data sent to Akeneo
June 5, 2023

If you want to concatenate many Bynder meta-properties in one Akeneo asset attribute value, you can now use the "pattern" feature.

Akeneo x Bynder connector : data sent to Akeneo
May 2, 2023

Some assets can be deleted in Bynder. In that case, we don't receive any information in the API. It is now possible to configure a new job to compare both environments and delete assets in Akeneo if they no longer exist in Bynder.

Akeneo x Bynder connector : deletion of assets
March 20, 2023

Until now, only the SKU was used to link assets to products in Shopify. It is now possible to use the Barcode.
This new feature can be used for the Simple products but also for products with variants.

Bynder x Shopify connector : link by the barcode
January 20, 2023

The usage of your asset is as important as your assets themself.
You can now connect easily your Bynder DAM to Imatag (
This connector will allow you to see the future User Interface which will be applied to all connector (User Friendly and without technical knowledge requirements)

Connect platform : user interface
Launch of the Bynder x Imatag connector
October 20, 2022

For the month of October, in addition to participating in Oktoberfest, the development team thought it was great to create a new connector.
So they developed the connector between Bynder and Shopify.
The stored assets in Bynder will be easily sent to your Shopify store and the assets will be linked to your products.

Launch of the Bynder x Shopify connector
September 30, 2022

Some users manage their assets with some naming conventions.
But sometimes, it's not possible to put all the product identifiers in the asset name.
To help our clients, we added a new feature to send SKU and/or Product Model Code and labels so it's easy to search and select the correct identifiers of product shown on their assets
At the same time we implemented to improve the security and be alerted as soon as a breach is detected in a used packaged.

ConnectPlatform : Security
Akeneo x Bynder connector : data sent to Bynder
June 20, 2022

Akeneo released a new way to connect the Akeneo PIM to third party solutions.
We are now giving the possibility to use this new feature for the production environment.
Go directly in your In PIM App store to find the Bynder App.

Akeneo x Bynder connector : connection
May 20, 2022

Manage the errors, it’s good. Be alerted when something goes wrong, it’s better. Look at the configuration to have more information.

ConnectPlatform : Error and warning management
April 20, 2022

Multi Products association : Now you can link a same assets to many different skus thanks to this awesome feature.

Akeneo x Bynder connector
March 20, 2022

Let’s go it’s our first release. It’s simple but it works !
With this release, we connect Akeneo and Bynder together.
You can send assets from Bynder to Akeneo or send information from Akeneo to Bynder

Launch of the Connect Platform
Launch of the Akeneo x Bynder connector