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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any not answered question.

Connector Akeneo & Bynder

  • How to host this connector ?

    We host this connector. it’s included in our monthly subscription. Contact us for more information.

  • How are assets associated with multiple products?

    As the Akeneo PIM does not offer rules allowing for this multiple association, we have developed rules to allow for association with multiple products. This rule is based on a metadata containing the list of products’ identifiers to be linked, this list of identifiers is separated by a configurable separator. You will therefore need to indicate in the connector settings the metadata containing the information on the products to be linked and the separator character you have decided to use.

  • Can the files be imported into Akeneo and then transferred to Bynder?

    No, the import is done in Bynder which offers a perfect interface for importing assets.

  • When is the synchronization of assets done?

    To date, synchronization is done on a regular basis and is parameterized. We are currently working on setting up synchronization via the event systems offered by Akeneo and Bynder.

  • What are the known limitations?

    When an asset is created using URLs, Akeneo will generate a thumbnail for display in all the PIM pages. When an asset is updated in the DAM, the URL is not modified and Akeneo will not refresh this thumbnail. It will therefore be necessary to wait until the cache lifetime is exceeded and the thumbnails are regenerated.

  • What action is required for the transfer?

    Once the connector is configured, it will work on its own for you. It will follow your criterias and transfer asset to PIM or data to DAM.

  • What is the direction of data transfer?

    Bidirectional : Data can be transferred from Bynder to Akeneo but also from Akeneo to Bynder.

  • What data is transferred?

    It is possible to send URLs and metadata from the DAM to the PIM. Binaries are not transferred to the PIM in order to avoid unnecessary duplication of storage requirements. The DAM remains the source of truth for the assets.

    It is possible to send the values of attribute of product from the PIM to the DAM metadata.

  • How are assets associated with products?

    In order to make the best use of the native functionalities of the tools, the default association is made via the Product Link Rule in Akeneo (see link).
    It’s also possible to use the Multiple Products Association that will use identifier to link an asset to many products (see below).

  • What is the compatibility between Bynder and Akeneo?

    The solution is splitted in 2 parts
    The connector is compatible with the Serenity and Flexibility versions: This one allows the automatic transfer of data between the DAM and the PIM
    The bundle is compatible only with the Flexibility version: This one allows the addition of the Compact View Bynder (see link) in the PIM interface.

If you have a question and you don’t find your answer here, please send us a mail.